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Welcome to the new world of cyber security

CRN: Hardly a week goes by without news of a major security breach hitting the headline, but many aren’t newsworthy enough to attract coverage even in specialist publications. Even more besides are never reported ...
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Android battles iOS for business customers

CRN: Android versus iOS is the PC versus Mac story of our mobile age, and enterprise will be next battleground in the phone wars ...
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How to Hack the iPod Touch

CNET: When Apple gave birth to the iPod Touch, it should have been the killer fusion of MP3 player and PDA. It wasn't. Fear not though, this handy guide shows us how we used to do it ...
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Sony PSP Go Review

CNET: There's lot to love about its slimmer, sexier, more pocket-friendly shape, as well as its pause and restore anywhere feature, but the PSP Go doesn't quite add enough to the mix to justify its price tag ...
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Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer Review

CNET: It works brilliantly, but it's not for everyone. You really need to love 3D movies and have a lot of spare cash to be able to justify buying one ...
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Motorola RAZR2 V9 Ferrari Special Edition Review

CNET: There's nothing technically wrong with RAZR2 V9 Ferrari Special Edition but if you want to Ferrari-fy your phone there are cheaper and better ways of doing it. For free ...
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Wireless TV remote control inventor Eugene Polley dies

CNET: The man who invented the wireless TV remote control, Eugene Polley, passed away in 2012, and while invention lives on today, his name has largely faded from history ...
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