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About me

About me

Derek is an award winning freelance journalist specialising in automobiles and technology.

His fascination with cars began when he could reach the steering wheel of his mum’s Nissan Skyline. Tech-wise his first memory is of the digitized American speaking to him through his Speak’n’Spell, and he spent altogether too much of his youth programming his Amiga.

A lover of every car, including your dad’s snore-tastic Camry, the Ferrari that could buy you a nice place downtown, and that ever-so-charming basement-spec Renault Twingo he once drove across France.

He currently resides in the biggest apple of them all — no, not Cupertino, but New York. As part of his freelance efforts he writes news overnight, as well as reviews and features, for and

Prior to this he was an associate editor for CNET in Australia for six years.

There he setup the site’s car technology section, and also reviewed everything from cameras, mobile phones, printers and TVs to cars, sat navs and video games.